Persistent in litigation for over 25 years

Persistent in litigation for over 25 years

Baker & Baker's personal injury and insurance dispute litigation attorneys have, for the past 25 years, guided hundreds of personal injury, disability and consumer insurance dispute cases through pre-litigation, litigation, mediation and jury trials resulting in substantial settlements and verdicts. Each case presents unique challenges. It often takes many months and sometimes years of litigating a client's case to uncover all the facts and evidence needed to generate the best results. Our Pensacola injury lawyers possess the professional diligence, patience, persistence and decades of experience, that generates results.

Positive outcomes for our clients

Positive outcomes for our clients

These are examples of the variety of cases we have successfully handled. Most of the following cases were settled after suit was filed and many were settled during trial.

Car Accident - Personal Injury

A young lady injures nerves in her arm in a tragic car accident resulting in the need for surgical repair. She is left with a permanent partial impairment to the affected arm. Baker & Baker attorneys achieve a jury verdict exceeding $3.0 million.

Truck Accident - Personal Injury

A man is forced off the interstate by an inattentive 18-wheeler tractor-trailer driver causing the man's truck to flip, resulting in a fractured scapula and a head injury. Baker & Baker files suit against the responsible parties and following extensive contested litigation forces settlements with multiple parties in excess of $1million.

Pedestrian Hit by Car - Personal Injury

A lady is hit by an inattentive drunk driver as she crosses the road in a pedestrian crosswalk resulting in knee and a head injury. Baker and Baker PLLC attorneys achieve a jury verdict of $1.4 million.

Motorcycle Accident - Personal Injury

A man and his wife riding their motorcycle are broadsided by a negligent driver who failed to yield the right of way resulting in a fractured hip and a shoulder injury. Baker and Baker PLLC injury attorneys achieve settlements for the man and his wife totaling over $500,000.

Construction Site Accident - Personal Injury

A man falls two stories, severely injuring his ankle when the concrete pump hose he is holding clogs up and suddenly jars him off balance due to the negligence of another subcontractor operating the pump controls on the job site. A significant confidential settlement is reached.

Commercial Property Insurance Dispute/Bad Faith-Failure to Pay Policy Limit

A commercial insurance company denies a claim to pay a medical clinic owner for damage to medical equipment caused by a lightning strike. The carrier blames the equipment defect on an engineering design issue. After filing suit and deposing numerous experts including engineers, physicists, meteorologists, accountants and other technical professionals, Baker & Baker attorneys achieve a confidential settlement well in excess of the insurance policy limit.

Life Insurance Dispute- Failure to Pay Policy Limit

A life insurance company fails to pay the policy limit of coverage to the survivors of a woman who is murdered by an intruder. The carrier claims an exception applies in the policy. Baker & Baker attorneys file suit. The policy limit is paid to the family.

Fire Insurance Dispute - Failure to Pay Property Damage Loss

A lady loses her life's possessions in a house fire. The carrier claims it was arson. Baker and Baker PLLC files suit and the insurance company pays the total of her losses.

Social Security Disability Claims - Total Disability

Many of our clients' severe medical conditions and injuries prevent them from being able to return to full time gainful employment. We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in the administrative process and judicial hearings to obtain the Social Security Disability Benefits they deserve to support their families.

We see your case through to the best possible outcome

Baker & Baker has the experience and sophistication to understand that each injury case is different, and each one requires a unique approach. As you can see, we have an exemplary record of success in earning positive verdicts and settlements for injured clients. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation with our Pensacola personal injury lawyers.